Using Pushwoosh to do Notifications

The Pushwoosh API lets you send notifications from your computer to your app running on the device. While your app is running, if a notification is received, a function in your app will be called with the contents of the notification. It can then take whatever action needed based on the incoming data.

Notifications are a way to send and receive messages from your device. They have the ability to be broadcast to large numbers of devices. For Android, Google Cloud Messaging is used. For iOS, it uses the Apple Push Notification Service.

How to send and receive a message

Let’s send a simple message to a device. We’re assuming everything is set up already. We will cover how to set things up later.

In Pushwoosh, we can compose and send a notification to our app. There are other ways to send notifications: this is the easiest.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.32.12 AM

On the device, we already have our Pushwoosh app running. It is written in AppStudio. A moment or two after we sent the message, this appears:


For complete details on setting up Pushwoosh and your app to receive Notifications, please see this Tech Note: