AppStudio 4.2.4 released!

AppStudio 4.2.4 is ready. This release has support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus splash screens, plus a number of updates and fixes.

  1. Code Window: K no longer quotes text on some German systems.
  2. Controls: Panel.close function added.
  3. Controls: Panel auto sizes form when opened.
  4. Controls: Panel.previousForm adds reference to calling form.
  5. Deploy: Obsolete demos cannot use
  6. Deploy: Splashscreens for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus added.
  7. Design Screen: Grid overlay is no longer wiped out by background color.
  8. Documentation: Localization and wiki files updated.
  9. PhoneGap: remove obsolete reference to feature properties.
  10. Runtime: PlaySound incompatibility with Safari fixed.
  11. Samples: New PhoneGapVidCap sampled added. (Thanks, Julio!)