AppStudio 4.2.5 Released!

AppStudio 4.2.5 is ready. This release has an easy way to save data on the server, PhoneGap CLI support, and introduces Google Glass as a platform.

  1. Language: New serverStorage object: makes it easy to store data on the server.
  2. Deploy: PhoneGap CLI support added.
  3. Deploy: Google Glass support added.
  4. Code Window: Disable block comments in free form blocks.
  5. Controls: Error hiding Panel fixed.
  6. Deploy: Fix extraheaders line ending. Existing apps need to open property and hit OK.
  7. Deploy: versionCode added to default PhoneGap configxml.
  8. Design Screen: Fix non numeric left and top.
  9. Design Screen: Vertical drag now sets horizontal % correctly.
  10. IDE: Better message for Other files without an external file.
  11. Library: jQuery Mobile: Upgraded to 1.4.5. Fixes for iOS 8.
  12. Library: Updated iScroll to 1.5.3 and minified.
  13. Preferences: Moved PhoneGap options to a new tab.
  14. Runtime: Change close character to %times; in dialogs.
  15. Runtime: isEmpty() function improved. (Thanks, Tomas!)
  16. Runtime: PlaySound now fails gracefully in IE11.
  17. Runtime: Set NSBCurrentForm before global code executes.
  18. Samples: Dropbox samples updated.
  19. Samples: New serverStorage and StudentsServerStorage samples added.
  20. Samples: Google Glass sample added.