AppStudio 5.0.2 released.

AppStudio 5.0.2 is ready. It fixes a number of issues which appeared in the new release.

  1. Check for Update: Set up text for translation.
  2. Controls: Allow multiple entries for ChangeForm where needed.
  3. Controls: jqxEditor control now has grab handles in Design Screen for resizing.
  4. Controls: Panel – Fix how it appears on Design Screen. Remove unused properties.
  5. Controls: jqxTabs control now appears properly.
  6. Deploy: ‘no cache’ option added to Manifest File property.
  7. Forms: Improved reset() function. Thanks, Buck!
  8. Internal: Went back to wxPython 2.9.5 to solve problem with Spanish locale.
  9. Make EXE: correct delete file command in make script.
  10. Make EXE: Force a save before making exe.
  11. Samples: Update and rename ModalForm.
  12. Translation: Fix some tab characters.

#6 can be useful if you have an app which will only be used if the device is online. It disables caching, so there is no update message if you update the app on the server.