AppStudio 5.0.10 released.

AppStudio 5.0.10 is now available. It includes a number of fixes and new stuff.

  1. Design Screen: Error when deleting control in a Container fixed.
  2. Samples: New sample using Chartjs library.
  3. Controls: Grid cellstyle property used when adding new rows.
  4. Controls: Make a number of controls behave better when using Responsive Design.
  5. jqWidgets: The path to the jqWidgets controls is now a Project Property.
  6. Controls: Formatting of NSB.MsgBox improved.
  7. Script Window: Allow other windows to be edited.

There is one breaking change. If you are using a local copy of jqWidgets, you need to set pathTo_jqWidgets in Project Properties, instead of each of the controls. Much easier and a lot less work in the future!

We’re fixing bugs as fast as we find them. If you see any, let us know.

We’re always listening, so please send comments, suggestions and words of encouragement to