Make your own Windows apps!

AppStudio 5 lets you create native Windows apps from your projects. It’s dead simple: Choose ‘Make Windows Executable (exe)’ from the Run menu, and your Project.exe file is ready a few seconds later.

Now you can distribute your apps to Windows users easily. All your project files are included, and it’s simple for your users to install.

The exe file is created in your current project directory. It’s a full installer: it will display the usual dialog on startup:


There are a number of options you can set in Project Properties for exe files:


All of these have defaults, so you can make your exe file without setting any of them. Note that the icon needs to be in Windows .ico format.

At runtime, the app will expect that Internet Explorer 11 is installed on the system. This means your app will run on Windows 7 and newer. It also means that SQLite is not supported. LocalStorage does work, however.

The installer is built using the free utility Inno Setup. The files used to create the exe files are placed in a folder in your project directory so you can make your own customized installer.

Here is what a simple app looks at runtime:


One thing we are still working on: In Windows 7, the app will not run if there is no internet connection. Windows 8 seems to be fine.