AppStudio 5.0.5 released.

This release brings two related new features.

First, there are now a bunch of new properties to help you create Windows exe apps. You can now specify your icon, the window size, etc. That increased the number of project properties, making it a bit unwieldy, which was solved by…

Second, properties are now grouped. The exe properties have their own section in the Properties Editor, along with PhoneGap, bounds, borders and fonts. It’s now much easier to find the property you’re looking for.

Here is the complete list of what is new in this release:

  1. EXE files: Support added for localStorage.
  2. EXE Files: new properties for publisher, icon, title, height and width.
  3. EXE files: now run as a localServer
  4. Controls: jqxGrid was not initiated properly in jqWidgets 3.8.
  5. Deploy: fix encoding mode on LaunchIcon57.png.
  6. Deploy: jsmin fixed.
  7. jQuery: updated to 2.1.4
  8. Properties Window: Properties now have groups.
  9. Properties Window: Borders, Bounds, Fonts are grouped.
  10. Properties: for Chrome Packaged Apps removed.
  11. Samples: Grid sample cellrenderer fixed for jqWidgets 3.8.
  12. ToolBox: Function list was sometimes not refreshing.
  13. Translator: add some semicolons