AppStudio 5.0.8 released.

AppStudio 5.0.8 is now available. It includes a number of speed improvements, especially for larger projects, plus some other fixes and new stuff.

  1. Design Screen: Adding controls more than twice as fast.
  2. Project Explorer: Moving controls up and down about 8 times faster.
  3. Code Window: Intellisense for user functions much, much faster.
  4. ServerStorage: Docs for installing on your own server are now available.
  5. Controls: jqxGrid now handles % heights properly.
  6. Design Screen: Copy and Paste of Containers fixed.
  7. Design Screen: Zero value for designHeight, DesignWidth fixed.
  8. Project Explorer: Dragging and dropping sound files fixed.
  9. Design Screen: Scrollbar no longer appears when fullscreen is false.
  10. Controls: Select no longer shows gray circle for custom icon.
  11. Samples: New Swipe sample. (Thanks, Mike Burgher!)
  12. Localization: Thai is complete. (Thanks, Theprasit S.!)