PhoneGap Build: iOS 9 support delayed

The PhoneGap team posted the following to their blog yesterday:

iOS 9 is not officially supported yet, and there are some known issues. The Cordova open-source project team is hard at work on Cordova iOS 4.0, which will include iOS 9 support. For loads of helpful Cordova iOS news, keep an eye on Shazron’s blog, as well as the Apache Cordova blog.

Some of the problems notes by users on the PhoneGap Build Support forum are:

  • Scaling is wrong – elements are the wrong size.
  • System bars are wrong size.
  • In app browser issues

In the meantime, PhoneGap advises using the latest version (if you don’t specify “phonegap-version” configxml, the latest version will always be used) and to use the npm plugins (see this blog post!)