How to make a control appear on all your forms:

An interesting question came up on the web board this week. Is it possible to have a control which appears on all the forms of the project? For example, could you have a navigation bar which appears at the top of all the forms of the project?

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.48.05 AM

It turns out this is quite easy to do.

Add the following code to your Sub Main():

Sub Main()
End Sub

The same, in JavaScript:

function Main() {

NSBPage is a special control: it is the highest level container in an AppStudio project. Each form is a child of NSBPage.

In the code above, NavBar1 starts as a child of Form1. The .appendChild() function moves NavBar1 from Form1 onto Form1’s parent, NSBPage. NavBar1 then appears on top of the current form, even if it changes. It has become a global control.

Event code for NavBar1 can be put anywhere in the project. Clicking on the NavBar will find the NavBar1_onclick() function, wherever it is.

You can control the appearance of NSBPage in Project Properties. The style, backgroundImage and backgroundColor properties all work.

This technique will work for any control.