Upgrading to AppStudio 6

The upgrade to AppStudio 6 is priced at $49.95, just as with our previous upgrades.

There are two ways to order the upgrade:

  1. From the AppStudio 6 splash screen, click on the “Get It Now” button. The order form will open with your serial number filled in.
  2. Go directly to the order form. Enter your serial number for a special upgrade offer. If you don’t have it, contact us. We’ll send it to you.

With the change to Subscription Billing, we want to provide a smooth transition to our existing users. We’re including 4 months of Essential Monthly support on Volt with the upgrade (a $60.00 value). After the 4 months are done, you will continue to get Essential Monthly for a reduced price of $9.95/month.

If you are not making use of the new Volt features, you can downgrade your Volt plan to a free account, which is more or less the same as the current AppStudio Server. AppStudio 6 will continue to work.

We will be sending free upgrades to AppStudio 6 for all recent purchasers of AppStudio.