Announcing Volt!


Volt is a cloud service which provides additional functionality for AppStudio 6. It’s designed as a platform, so new features can be added.

It replaces the AppStudio Server, but does much more. Some of the initial features are:

  • App Hosting: Apps uploaded to Volt can be accessed by users anywhere in the world. Permanent hosting is available.
  • Custom Domains: Use the Volt assigned domain, or an existing domain that you own.
  • App Management: The Dashboard lets you display and configure the apps you have on the Volt server.
  • User Management: Allow your users to sign into your app with usernames and passwords.

Volt App Hosting

Volt’s App Hosting feature will do a lot to make life easier for AppStudio developers. One you have completed your app, you need a place to host it, so people can download it to their devices. With Volt, you no longer have to set up your own server.

Here are some of the problems it solves:

  • Server Setup: It’s a lot of work to set up a server. The whole LAMP stack has to be installed and configured. Don’t forget to get the MIME types right!
  • Server Maintenance: We take care of making sure all the latest patches and security updates are installed.
  • DropBox: Until October 3, 2016, many of you used DropBox to host your apps. Due to changes at DropBox, that no longer works.
  • Use your own URL: Soon, you’ll be able to specify the URL you want your customers to see.

AppStudio Registered Users

If you are a licensed AppStudio user, Volt replaces the AppStudio Server you were probably using before. Deploy works the same way. We encourage you to get your free Volt account: it will help you manage your apps.

If you do not want to use any of the additional features (such as Users, Email, etc.) don’t worry about them. There is no need to know more at this point.

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