AppStudio 6.2.4 released!

We’re pleased to announce AppStudio 6.2.4 is ready.

The biggest change is a real obfuscater. It’s in option in Project Properties to turn your deployed code into absolute gibberish. You won’t be able to read it – nor will almost anyone else:

There’s a discussion on the web board for more information and to share your experiences:

New and improved stuff includes:

  1. IDE: New (and powerful) obfuscator (Thanks, Paulo!)
  2. Controls: GoogleMaps now has API property.
  3. Controls: HTMLview: get rid of outline when scrolling not needed.
  4. Controls: jqxChart showLegend, enable and showToolTips fixed.
  5. Controls: Bootstrap Datatable scrollY can now be numbers or percents.
  6. Controls: Bootstrap Fliptoggle appears properly in iOS Disabled mode.
  7. Forms: Potential error on screenMode ‘zoom’ fixed.
  8. IDE: New users default to 320×360 absolute (not responsive).
  9. IDE: Links updated to new Web Board.
  10. Installer: Windows certificate updated.
  11. Internationalization: Updated language files.
  12. Runtime: EnableNiceLinks was not being set properly.
  13. Toolchain: Updated node files.

Watch for upcoming blog posts on some of these enhancements – there is some cool new stuff you can do.

Download the latest version from ‘Check for Updates’ under then AppStudio Help menu. It is a free upgrade for AppStudio 6 users.