Our new Web Board!

We’re happy to announce our new web board is ready for use.


It’s better than the Yahoo Groups board in every way, without giving up any features.

  • No advertising.
  • No tracking by Yahoo or its partners.
  • No vulnerability to Yahoo’s security procedures.
  • Log in using your own account, Google or Yahoo.

It’s based on the Discourse platform. It was founded by Jeff Atwood, who also did Stack Overflow. Its aim is to improve online discussion quality through improved forum software.

And yes, you can participate by email. To receive emails of all postings, see these instructions. Replies to emails will be posted to the board.

It has a zillion options. We’ve deliberately kept our use of them low to start, but we have lot of room to grow.

Posting to the old Yahoo board will be stopped on April 30, 2017. We will keep the messages on that board around so they can be referred to.