AppStudio 6.2.6 released!

We’re pleased to announce AppStudio 6.2.6 is ready.

This release brings a bunch of changes under the covers, with new versions of libraries. These fix a number of issues, some of them longstanding – like QRCodes displaying on Mac OS.

New and improved stuff includes:

  1. Controls: Fix jqWidgets Input placeholder.
  2. Controls: jQM Select now checks for bad value on .setIndex.
  3. Forms: Fix error in centering forms.
  4. IDE: Add web board to Help menu.
  5. IDE: QRCodes now appear on Mac.
  6. Installer: Use pyInstaller 3.2.1.
  7. Installer: Use Python 2.8.13.
  8. Installer: Use wxPython 3.0.2
  9. Runtime: Use FontAwesome 4.7. Over 40 new icons!
  10. Runtime: FontAwesome now works properly offline.
  11. Runtime: EXE.pythonEval() can now accept longer command strings (240)
  12. makeEXE: Updated with the latest libraries.
  13. makeEXE: New streamlined development technique.
  14. Samples: execPython has some new snippets.
  15. Samples: Facebook sample deprecated due to changes in Facebook authentication.
  16. Volt: Documentation moved into main Wiki.

Download the latest version from ‘Check for Updates’ under then AppStudio Help menu. It is a free upgrade for AppStudio 6 users.