AppStudio 6.2.7 Released!

We’re pleased to announce AppStudio 6.2.7 is ready.

This release brings a bunch of useful fixes and some enhancements.

New and improved stuff includes:

  1. Deploy: Error message shows if a DB cannot be exported due to invalid column type.
  2. Controls: Bootstrap controls with images work properly.
  3. Controls: Bootstrap Tabs color property fixed.
  4. Controls: jQM Collapsible can now display HTML.
  5. Controls: jQM List’s hidden property now works.
  6. Controls: Common Grid has new .init(rows, cols) function.
  7. Controls: Signature now renders properly if size of control changes. (Thanks, Buck!)
  8. Controls: New Signature.clear() function.
  9. Library: Navigo updated to latest version.
  10. MakeEXE: Bug in links fixed.
  11. Samples: New BrowserArrows sample shows use of Navigo.

Download the latest version from ‘Check for Updates’ under then AppStudio Help menu. It is a free upgrade for AppStudio 6 users.