Accessing Volt from a PhoneGap app

A couple of days ago, one of our users asked a good question on our discussion board: Can Volt’s services be used from a PhoneGap app?

It sounds like a reasonable request. PhoneGap apps are compiled web apps which run as native apps. AppStudio is very good at making these. Volt is a collection of services, including features such as serverStorage, which lets users of your apps easily save or share data on a server.

It turns out it is easy to do and works nicely. You need to do two things:
1. In Project Properties, set the Volt Domain to the location of your app on Volt. For example,
2. In Project Properties, add the path of the Volt library to extraheaders. For example:
<script src=''>

(Replace storage-introduces-owlishly with whatever your app’s domain name is. Custom domains will work fine too.)