AppStudio 7.3.2 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 7.3.2 has been released.

This release has new features and housekeeping. A few bugs have been squashed, links updated and the offline Wiki has been improved.

Web Assembly modules are now supported. Just drag and drop them into the Project Explorer and they will be deployed with your app.

Here’s what is new and fixed in the new release:

  1. IDE: Web Assembly modules now supported.
  2. BS4: datalist property added to Input control.
  3. BS4: inputmode property added to Input and Textarea controls.
  4. BS4: Dropdown and Hamburger: items can now be disabled, active or a heading.
  5. BS4: Input now allows quote characters in placeholder property.
  6. Deploy: .wasm files dragged into the Project Explorer will be properly deployed.
  7. Documentation: Wiki updated.
  8. IDE: Allow unicode characters in css files added to the project.
  9. IDE: Link to icon/splashscreen utility updated – old provider ceased operations.
  10. Libraries: The BASIC functions library can be added to JavaScript apps.
  11. avaScript: The format() function is usable without needing BASIC.
  12. Register: Correct server path

The easiest way to get the update is on the Help menu – “Check for Updates…”