PhoneGap Build Updates to cli-9.0.0

Late on July 29th, PhoneGap Build announced that version cli-9.0.0 is available. This is good news: As of August 1, the Google Play Store will require that all new apps are built using cli-9.0.0. Existing apps have till Nov 1, 2019.

The PhoneGap Build Version tells PGB which libraries use when building apps. cli-9.0.0 includes Android API Level 28, which is required for Android 9.0, so it makes sense to build apps using this new version.

What it means for you

  1. You can set the PhoneGap Version in Project Properties. It’s in the PhoneGapVersion property: set it to ‘cli-9.0.0’.
  2. Build like you always have. There is a bug in PhoneGap Build which causes it to fail intermittently. If you get the message “Error: Android linking failed”, just build again. It will probably work the next time (or the time after that). PhoneGap say they are working on this.
  3. The new version is a bit stricter about everything being set up right. If you get messages, check your project.
  4. Make sure your project has icon and splash folders. Set them up as in Submitting to the Google Play and Amazon Stores.
  5. Make sure icons and splash are listed in your extraFiles, in Project Properties.
  6. Check your plugins to make sure they are up to date.

Notes on various cli versions

  • cli-9.0.0: recommended. Only one which can be used for new Google Play Store apps.
  • cli-8.1.1: reported as working. OK to use for existing apps.
  • cli-8.0.0: also works well for existing apps.
  • cli-6.5.0: not recommended.
  • cli-6.1.0: no longer supported.