AppStudio 8: What’s new with Electron?

Electron is a tool which lets you build Windows and MacOS apps. Furthermore, it allows you to include Node libraries in your app. There are more than a million of them, adding all sorts of features.

AppStudio 8 makes it much easier to use Electron in your project. Add the libraries you need (if any), then choose Electron from the Run menu to build your project.

Specific changes in Version 8 are:

  • ‘Make Desktop App using Electron’ added to Run menu
  • ‘Make Desktop App for Distribution’ added to Run menu
  • Electron build now uses the Electron-build library.
  • ElectronWeather sample updated to use electron-build.
  • Electron Wiki article updated to show how to use electron-build manually.

There is no need to used the command line or enter npm commands with AppStudio 8.

There is a tutorial which takes you through creating your first Electron app. You can try here: Using Node and Electron to build Desktop Apps

Also check out the electronWeather sample, which uses the weather-js Node library to get weather information from the MSN Weather API. You could access the API directly, but the library makes this much, much easier.