AppStudio 8.5.8 released!

We’re pleased to announce that 8.5.8 has been released.

It resolves a few issues with 8.5 and updates a number of underlying libraries.

  1. Bootstrap 4: Fix padding on Label
  2. Bootstrap 4: Modals – fix bug with 2 modals
  3. Design Screen: Improve selecting controls on newer versions of MacOS.
  4. Design Screen: Improve stability by fixing internal error
  5. Licensing: Use new ALS licensing system
  6. Samples: Fix how video source works
  7. Samples: Remove whitelist plugin
  8. Samples: Update Camera Sample permissions for VoltBuilder
  9. SQLImport: Fix initialization of SQL on VoltBuilder jobs
  10. SQLImport: Fix timing issue when importing
  11. VoltBuilder: Add flag to build for Xcode 13
  12. VoltBuilder: Add support for Android 12
  13. VoltBuilder: Add verbose property
  14. Copyright updated to 2023
  15. Libraries: Many updates to dependent libraries.

You can download the new release from within AppStudio or from our site.