AppStudio 9 Licensing

We’re pleased to announce that AppStudio 9 has been released. It features improved VoltBuilder integration, Bootstrap 5, an AI Coding Assistant and more.

We’re taking this opportunity to revise and simplify our pricing. Here’s what’s changed:

  1. VoltBuilder Indy is now included with an AppStudio Essential subscription. You won’t need to pay for VoltBuilder separately.
  2. All pricing is now subscription based.
  3. If you currently have a subscription, you will be licensed for Version 9 automatically.
  4. If you have a one time license for an older version, your license will continue to be valid for that version.
  5. To get Version 9, you’ll need a subscription.
  6. The current $9.95 Upgrade rate for AppStudio Essential will increase to $15.00 (but remember, VoltBuilder Indy is now included)
  7. One time licenses (including for Classrooms) will be no longer be available.
  8. Existing users can use the AppStudio 9 for 10 days, as a demo.

This completes the transition to subscription billing which we started several years ago. For our users, it simplifies the options for getting AppStudio. For us, it provides a steady stream of revenue to fund new development, support, and all the subscription services we ourselves have to pay for.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

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